How Incredibly Powerful!

When someone wants to connect to you – they simply text your unique KEYWORD to 44544
Our system will automatically send back your welcome message and live interactive Opt4Card which can be saved to their phone
Never again limit your important contact information to what only fits on a paper business card!
Now you can send professional text alerts, important updates & valuable specials keeping your contacts informed!
Companies can easily reuse the cards for new or turnover agents, saving a tremendous amount of printing costs!

So what is an Opt4Card?

Is it an ‘app’?
Is it the typical 160 character text-message?
Is it a Mobile Site?
Is it a Social Media Site?
Is it a Mobile Page?
Is it a ‘Wallet’?
Is it a Paper Card?


…well, it’s actually the value of ALL of these combined into ONE SIMPLE & UNIQUE TEXT!